Hajj Draw List 2015 Govt Hajj Scheme May 14, 2015

hajj 2015
hajj 2015
Hajj Draw List 2015 Govt Hajj Scheme May 14, 2015

Islamabad  14th may, 2015 – Thursday ) – Minister for Religious Affairs and Inter Faith Harmony has declared that all plans for the Annual Hajj 2015/1436 AH are last. Hajj Balloting or Draw will be held in Committee Room of Ministry of Religious Affairs Islamabad. Draw Result check online and Selected Candidates, Names Final List.Sadar Muhammad Yousf (Ministry of Religious Affairs)said 1,43,368 will be selected this year & this year cost is 2,64,971 and additional amount of 14,200 for Qurbani. All individuals from that Hajj Group will be permitted to perform Hajj 1436 A.H.

Hajj Draw Result Final Selected Candidates List  2015.

Total Pakistanis candidates’ will Performs Hajj in 2015 :: 143,000
(in) Government Hajj Scheme :: 71,500
(ii) Under Private Scheme :: 71,500
Total Applications Received :: 247,000 ( Govt Hajj Scheme )

Candidates can now effortlessly confirm their essential data and gathering points of interest. Incase of any disparity, for example, Missing or Extra Group Member, Incorrect CNIC Number, Incomplete Basic Information or whatever other related oversight, benevolent counsel separate branch of the bank where you have presented your application.
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Hajj Draw List 2015 Click on the link below 

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