Top 10 Engineering and Technology Universities of Pakistan

Top universities in pakistan
Top universities in pakistan

Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences(PIEAS)
PIEAS is declared to be the best Engineering University in Pakistan by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). It offers bachelors, masters and PhD degrees in 8 disciplines. More than 1000 students are enrolled at PIEAS at this moment in time.

National University of Sciences and Technology(NUST)
NUST is the second best Engineering & Technology university of Pakistan. The institute offers degree in undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs. The university offers programs from the fields of engineering and IT, and from medical to management sciences. 
Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology(GIKI)
It is one of the best institute of the country, students have to fight for limited number of seats to get into the university. It offers bachelors, Masters and PhD degrees in many different engineering and science fields. GIKI has currently1200 students at present.
University of Engineering and Technology(UET LAHORE)
It is 4th best engineering university of Pakistan and one of the best in pakistan and is ranked among top 300 Asian universities. It offers academic programs in undergraduate, post-graduate, and doctoral studies in variety of fields.The university has more than 10,000 students
University of Engineering and Technology(UET TAXILA)
It is located in Txila Punjab.It is rannked among 5 best engineering universities of Pakistan. It offers programs in 9 fields of engineering.Offering academic programs in undergraduate and postgraduate studies.Currently 3300 students are enroolled in this university

Institute of Space Technology(IST ISLAMABAD)

It is a semi-government research institute located in Islamabad. It is one of the best university in the field of Space Technology in South Asia.Institute of space technology has the best Mechanical engineering department of the has 7 departments providing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.
KPK university offers undergraduate, post-graduate, and doctoral studies programs. It is research oriented university specifically university’s research in earthquake sciences is renowned.One of the best Civil engineering department in the country. 4000 students are enrolled in university.
Mehran University of Engineering & Technology
It is one of the leading institutions of the country and focuses strongly on management.Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (MURJ) is being published since January 1982. The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in almost 15 engineering fields. 7,500 students are enrolled in this university
NED University of Engineering & Technology(NED UNIVERSITY)
NED university is located in Karachi, Sindh. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in science and engineering.NED university has six different faculties. NED is working towards building up its research work. Currently 8000 students are enrolled in NED university
Air University
AIR university is located in Islamabad.It is ranked top ten engineering and technology universities of Pakistan. It offers undergraduate, post-graduate, and doctoral studies.Air University was established by Pakistan Air Force(PAF).3,500 students are currently enrolled in university


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